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i am love

February 14th, 2014 § 0 comments

Poem #330 for Lorraine Trovato-Cantori


I am that picture in the window
I am the couple in the club
the dancing extension of the band
I am Jack, I am an enigma
I am critical thinking
I am mystery
I am myself

The bullshit, corruption, natural disasters, poverty
matched in perfect balance
with the daily exorcism of inner demons
sweating, singing, screaming, pouring the soul out
as humanly needed

The shit is all part of the shine

I am unbelievable gratuity
I am humility
I am agape, I am all-consuming
I am the joy, the fight, the desire, the dream
I am exploration
I am home
I am here
I am walking breathing creativity…

I am not bored, but creation
I am not lost, but creation
I am not scared nor indifferent nor insecure, but creation
I am not shy, but creation
I am not manipulation, but creation
I am not pain, but creation
I am not death, but creation
I am not past nor future, but creation

I am right where I need to be
I am right when I need to be
I am right what I need to be
I am right how I need to be

I am bliss
I am desire
I am effort
I am inspiration
I am pain
I am sorrow
I am disappointment
I am success
I am achievement
I am but for the grace of

I am faith

I am hope

I am…

I am…

I am!!!

I am love







(written with pen on paper in the most perfect moment of my life)

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