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i think about

November 20th, 2014 § 2 comments

Poem #409 for Anonymous


i think about what i have
and what i do not have

i think about what i want
what i do not want
what i resist

i think about the complexities i avoid
the simplicity i insist on

i think about what could challenge me
about what could complicate me

i think about how easy it is for some people
to be with each other
to be in love

i think about how easy it is for me
about how difficult it is to be alone
about how difficult it is to commit

i think about what others think about
when staring at the ceiling in a room full of sleeping people
when between the moment of closed eyes and sleep
when embracing someone while at home there is someone else
when they catch me staring at them

i think about people with families
what that trust between them must feel like

i think about the true pilgrims in this world
stuck outside on a freezing night

i think about what food tastes like for other people
what my mouth tastes like to other women
what my body smells like to strangers

but mostly, right now
i think about if anyone else is thinking about me…





(written on camino, just before bed)

§ 2 Responses to i think about"

  • Joel says:

    You transported me back to those gloriously crowded rooms; bunkbeds occupied by dreamers, lovers, sojourners… Is it possible to update your blog with a Facebook “like” button? I’d love to show my support by liking and sharing these posts on Facebook. Love you brother!

    • Anthony says:

      Hey Man…THANKS.

      This one was the day right after the Dragonte Pass. I think about that camino every day.

      Unfortunately, there’s not a way to install a “like” button now, but, you could always just Copy & Paste the link to your FB Page, this way the site could get some hits.

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the writing. Keep in touch!!!!!

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