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$15,000 in debt
15,000 people
15,000 poems

My Journey

January 13th, 2013 § 5 comments

Hey there world. My name is Anthony Frisina.  Come inside and read about this crazy idea of mine!

I have $15,000.00 in debt; four loans (three of them student loans), moving expenses (from Los Angeles to New York) and expenses from producing non-profit, educational theater.

I have thought of a plan to pay off all of my debt while doing something I would like to dedicate my life to. My debt is my burden, so I will use what I feel is my gift to work every dollar of it off.

I write poems. It is what I love to do more than anything else. Poetry raises me out of any negative mood; poetry clears my mind, improves my life in every way.

My plan goes like this: For one dollar, I will write you a poem. My goal is to write fifteen thousand poems. It is an artistic pilgrimage I am proud to undertake.

And, regardless of if you give a dollar to me or not, think of what you have to offer the world. I am certain it is also worth at least a dollar. So please take this idea and clear all of your debts as well.

Art, Not Debt!

§ 5 Responses to My Journey"

  • Patricia Myers says:

    Oh, Anthony, what a beautiful poem!
    How did you KNOW all that???
    I had hoped no one noticed the “struggle…”
    And dancing “as a silhouette of your selflessness…”
    I was moved to tears.
    Now how do I commission some Poems?
    (You should really offer Valentine’s Poems on Craigslist…)
    xxx pat myers

    • Anthony says:

      Hi Pat…

      THANK YOU for the amazing comment! Most of it was a hunch, given how awesome Suzi turned out and how caring and passionate she is.

      If you’d like to commission some poems, just click on GIVE A POEM on the sidebar and following the instructions. Also, I post a new poem everyday, so, if you would like it to be sent to your inbox, just click the FOLLOW MY PROGRESS link and type in your email address (or I could do it for you if I have your permission).

      Thanks Again and have a great day/week/month/year!!!!!

      Love & Light


  • noah says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Your project look interesting. We are in NYC, working on a connected project called debtfair. Details are still being worked out, but would you be interested in participating in some way? It entails posting work on a website and doing debt interviews.


    • Anthony says:

      Hey Noah. Thanks for fishing this site out!

      I was checking out your site and looks interesting. Send me more info at, including how I could help, and we’ll take it from there.


      Love & Light


  • Sister Mary, my blood, and now the matriarch of the DE SHIELDS CLAN, will mark her 71st year on the Earth Plane on April 18, 2014. As part of my gift to her, I should like for you to crate a poem in her honor. If you like, you may send the poem directly to her at How do I get the dollar to you?


    The GoaTman

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