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l.a. story 3 (the cleanse)

July 16th, 2013 § 0 comments

Poem #184 for Kym Pappas


(sit down, order taken)
(staring in silence)
(man approaches, stands at my left)
(begins conversing with bartender)
(minutes away from my medium-rare extra cheese)

Been really well
Shopping, man…this stuff’s expensive
Yea, yea…trying something new,
some new stuff.
Life’s been amazing, though
(food arrives…grease gluttony bliss)
(take first bite)

So, yea, I know you might not care
this stuff is awesome, so I
to tell you about it.
I’ve never tried it, personally,
that’s why I just spent a paycheck on it
but, it’s supposed to get that really
deep cleansing, middle intestines shit
and I literally mean shit
(chewing on second bite)

Yea, so, it’s like
this new stuff
I don’t know WHAT the hell it is
but it gets that DEEP gunk out
the sludge stuff
the black shit.
MAN, you feel amazing and awful
when that stuff starts coming out
(staring at third bite…reluctant)

Mind you, like I said,
never tried it
heard from a friend of a friend
that their friend tried it
it’s like colored shit that you’re not used to
green, black, milky gray layer –
But it feels AWESOME
clean, empty.
That’s what they say…
when it’s finally over at least
takes a while, though
but HIGH
supposed to feel high as a kite

I am going to start this right after a few beers.
If I’m going to be on the bowl all night
shitting black water
I might as well be drunk, right?
Enjoy it a bit?

(Box and check, please)


(written with pen on paper without too much exaggeration)

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