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love provides

March 27th, 2016 § 0 comments

Poem #451 for Anonymous


I want the world to approach me and say I Love You

Every person, wherever I go,
I want to be grabbed by the face with two hands
two eyes stare into mine and say
and mean it!

There is nothing artificial about wanting to
feel and kiss and smell and hold and lust over
someone beautiful

I want everyone to stop
Hundred of millions of people,
just stop
what you are doing
the wanting
wasting the one and only opportunity

I know what it feels like to have no purpose
realizing this one life has been a waste
having measured it entirely by false scales and worths

I just want everyone to stop right at this instance
approach each other
look into two eyes and say
I Love You…
and mean it!

Love provides






written with love

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