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taking responsibility

April 3rd, 2016 § 0 comments

Poem #454 for Anonymous


words chaos thoughts
the bitten apple is in all of our hands:
symbolism is convenient now
condoning the cheats
selecting texts that serve us best
the games our egos need in order to win

speak speak speak
dig dig dig
deep into the hypocrisy where you
believe you are free as you turn the key
shackling yourself tighter to that which
you refuse to see

here i am
turning the page to another page
tasking to help, day by day,
getting by in the structure I did not want
did not create, did not change
and so I did not breathe
here i am
blasting my eardrums, deaf, underprepared
refusing to cave, to care
about the length you go to fight the truth:
public enemy number one:
spilling blood in the world like the drone gamer
because I condemn without revolution

set the self free



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