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two women

April 10th, 2016 § 0 comments

Poem #457 for JR


two women

the one far to my left
she tries to be strong
working hard for her confidence, her sex appeal
a player in the game
a product of her society.

the one in front of me
a minuscule icicle hanging from her nose
not trying to hide her sad hope
in this game by proxy
a product of her society

the one far to my left
inhaling fake cigarettes
smiling as a result of her xanax
a constant performance
alleviated if she would only breathe
understand that persistent happiness is unhealthy
a product of her society

the one in front of me
penetrating blue eyes set in experienced skin
curious of the five single-word questions
pure in effort which succumbs to the force
of community within make-believe within unnatural confusion
a product of her society



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